Weathering the Storms of Life…

How is the weather where you are today? Is it cold, rainy, sunny, cloudy, snowy, windy or perhaps, shaky?  We know that it can change from day to day, or depending on where you are, from hour to hour.

Growing up near Savannah, Georgia, we would jestingly tell those visiting, “if you don’t like the weather, stay tuned, it can change quickly!”

Life can happen just that way.  You can receive a phone call, knock on the door, or a meeting notice than can change everything in a matter of minutes. It can feel like the wind gets knocked out of you.  All of a sudden, you have trouble hearing and comprehending what people are saying. You want to run and hide. You want to stay and resist what you have heard or witnessed and life is never the same.

The storms of life often become life-altering events but the one piece that it takes time to cultivate for a clearer understanding is that God uses every thing big or small, or significant to shape our life into the course it needs to follow. Remember, He is the same One who causes the Colorado River to run uphill near the place it joins the Gunnison River and runs into a desert in Utah.

So, when you receive the kind of news that ushers in a new season of life, trust that God has special places and plans for you that you possibly never would have considered.

Yesterday, I received one of those calls that caused a season in my life to come to a close. The toughest part is realizing that the temptation to be fearful is overwhelming at times. I am a creature of habit and I LOVE my routine. But, I love God more and am open to  all He has for me in the future.

And then today. We recently completed a second of two moves within one month. We sold our home in North Atlanta and took an apartment for a few weeks. My husband began a new job west of Atlanta and so we hitched up the wagons and headed west…okay well we loaded up the truck and moved to…West Georgia!

And today, (1/30/13), the welcome committee was on hand to “sound off” their greeting. Just days after the last few boxes were unpacked… horrific storms spawning tornados are raging all around. As I write this, I am a mere hour outside of the middle bathroom in my hallway where I waited, rather anxiously, while sounds and rains stormed all around.

My little dog, the ever loyal Sammy, was sitting on my lap shivering, probably mostly from nerves, while my cat, Chloe was no where to be found in the house.

As I sat in that bathroom, I remembered the Scripture where Jesus commanded the storm to “be still”.  So, I tried my hand at following a wise example and commanded in a mostly, shaky voice, “Peace, be still, you crazy storm!” Serious confidence lacking here.

What happened next was nothing short of hair-raising. I was on my cell phone with my hubby, who was in North Georgia, the other end of where the storms were raging and we prayed. When I made my daring command, within ONE minute, all was quiet on this western front and I soon resumed my role as a pretty happy camper, answering texts and messages from close friends who know I’ve just moved here.

I am grateful for the example that Jesus taught me in speaking out to the storm(s) in my life that they are to “calm”.   I am MOST grateful that the storm obeyed :).

So for tomorrow. He is already there and my greatest fear and apprehension comes, only, when I look ahead at my future and picture me there without Him. 

Where are you today? Are storms raging? I have an anchor ~ His anchor holds as I grip the Solid Rock!

Storms cease…and we are stronger because of our experience.   

Sheri Geyer is a Master Certified Christian Life Coach, Mentor, Writer, Wife & Mom

3 thoughts on “Weathering the Storms of Life…

  1. Well, I know no matter what tomorrow holds, you are going to be great Mom. You’re one of the most intelligent, resourceful, anointed people I know. I love you, and I am praying for God’s insight and direction. As a child of God you have access to His mind, heart, and abundance. Just ask and draw close to Him. xoxo Angie


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