Marriage Mentoring

Jeff and Sheri Geyer … entered into marriage – again – after each were married 19 years to a prior spouse. Together they brought 6 kids ~ 3 daughters of hers ~ 3 sons of his — one dog each – some painful memories to replace with happier ones – and a strong desire to develop a lasting relationship.

As a result of receiving marriage mentoring and coaching in their own marriage, they have come to understand that strong relationships require two very important skills: 1) learning to accept each other’s differences, and; 2) a commitment to consistently work through difficult issues, i.e. boundaries, finances, work, house, kids, meals, pets, vacations, even intimacy.  

They have been married to each other 14 years and are Marriage Mentors as well as DivorceCare, Boundaries and Safe People Facilitators.

What you can expect from Marriage Mentoring: 

Drawing from a wealth of experience that Jeff & Sheri bring to the table, you will receive the support you need to begin or grow your marriage, whether planning for your wedding, wanting to improve your marriage or need to take steps to heal a difficult marriage. We will navigate you through a process to help you improve communication, recognize your individual needs, manage expectations, and learn to celebrate your differences, so that you can work to allow your strengths to complement one another, and develop true and lasting intimacy. 

Sheri Geyer is a Certified Master Christian Life Coach, Mentor, Writer, and Realtor. 

Jeff Geyer is a Top-Producing Realtor and Mentor, and Trained Business Coach.

Together Jeff & Sheri make up The Geyer Team at Fathom Realty.

Send us a note to Schedule a “Discovery Session” for Marriage Mentoring…



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