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Hi, I’m Sheri Geyer. I enjoy time with my three amazing daughters and my adorable grandson, Jude, connecting with friends for fireside or porch chats (over a cup of tea, of course!), sunsets, and a simple life with hubby, Jeff, and our two Goldens, Libby & Max, in the Savannah Area.

I am a Boundaries Life Coach., with a solid belief that what WE are becoming is way more important than what WE are doing. I am passionate about working with Women who are on fire to establish the rhythm they can introduce into their lives to create better relationships, live their lives by design (no longer by default) and experience more wellness and joy!

 My Blog, “”The Boundaries Life Coach”  is based on wisdom I’ve received from my Grandmother and Mother, as well as my deep love for God and His Word. I invite you to join me on my journey and share yours as well!  

Please allow me to share a glimpse of my journey with you…

I  learned through a season of emotional brokenness that much of what contributed to my chaotic and stressful life, resulted from an overcrowded, overbooked, people-pleasing, feeling like I’m-not-enough, disordered life. Much of this came from doing life with too much stuff! The more things I had, it seemed, the more problems I would bring into my life. When I began making choices regarding what I deeply valued and relinquished my white-knuckle grip on things that held little or no relevance in my life, I was able to create a life of significance.

My journey of pursuing less and intentionally choosing to focus on what is truly important to me, began in 2007. Simply by removing and repurposing unneeded items, that I no longer found to be beautiful and useful, I eliminated a lot of wasted time, space, and debt required to maintain the clutter of my life and schedule.  As a result, I enjoy amazing freedom to pursue the relationships, passions and things that I truly hold dear. The greatest blessing of all is that I enjoy more emotional wholeness and lasting joy than I ever dreamed possible! (Who knew that the accumulation of stuff could be tied to unresolved emotional pain and could keep me stuck in chains and powerless to be free??)

Would you like to explore what that might look like for you, in your life? See below for ways to connect with me…

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5 thoughts on “Connect with Me

  1. I’m so happy to have received your email this morning, as it led me to this site full of light, love and strength. As someone who was not brought up with any encouragement to form a relationship with God and live by His will, your words help me to understand how to go about doing that by putting it all into action, into the context of the real world. I look forward to continue reading what you have to say and learning from you. Sending my love and prayers to you and your family, many of whom I know and love dearly. Thank you Sheri. Happy Holidays!


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