Boundaries = Life by Design!

Healthy boundaries provide a structure for success in the way I manage all-things-Me!

In my life journey, I have experienced challenges that greatly affected the way I thought my life would turn out to be. Beginning at age 22, I discovered that knowing God would be the primary path for my life.

After several years and some hard seasons, I have come to understand that God’s Design for my life, has enabled me to create a life that I love and one from which I do not feel a need to escape.

Losing my dad in a car accident shortly after my 9th birthday, was a significant event that impacted much of my formative years. My mom, widowed at 29, had to rely on her mom to be my primary caretaker for much of my growing up years. This turned out to be one of the first major pieces of where God would design my life plan.

My grandmother was a tremendous example and mentor for me. She was well-loved by our community and served God faithfully in her quiet love and care for others, especially her consistent investment into my young life. If you get to know me, you will likely chuckle at the numerous daily ‘grandma-isms’, that roll off my tongue with ease. I laugh, love and live by many things that my grandma shared, most of which are her tiny little re-quotes of Biblical principles.

After a difficult divorce, I was married to a minister who took an early exit ramp to a new life after 19 years, resulting in my becoming a single mom to three teenaged daughters. The ways that God showed up in this devastating, life-altering event, are nothing short of miraculous.

My passion is coaching women ready to design the life they’ve longed for! As we work together, you will develop the skills to cultivate a deeper walk with God and come to discover His unique design for your life.

So, grab a coffee or tea, and join me on my blog as I travel and explore the freedom and fulfillment of living life by design! I willI share my journey, the ups and downs, as well as the 11th hour moments, when God steps in and reveals the answers I need for where I am on my path.

He loves you and when you invite Him to step into your hopes and dreams, you will experience the journey of a lifetime beyond anything you could ever imagine!

If you are ready to create the life you long for, connect with me and let’s do this!